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Happy Easter, Pesach, Spring :)



Thank you so much for all of the kind comments and messages from the previous post. As a couple of you rightly said, the rough patch will pass and Toby will be a little more calm and settled once again – hopefully soon. Anyway, I do really appreciate all of the kindness that you sent my way, thank you again for that.

This little bunny was made as a thank you gift for someone who has been very kind and helpful to me, but she has had quite a long and drawn-out journey from the northern hemisphere to the southern (what on earth is going on with the postal services at the moment?). At last however she has arrived safely and happily just in time for this special time of year.

Whatever your plans, whether you’re celebrating a festival as part of your faith, delighting in the beauties of nature as the seasons change or simply enjoying a few extra days of free time to call your own, I hope you have a lovely weekend with plenty of peace and small pleasures. My plans include setting my alarm for 6am tomorrow and heading out with my breakfast in my rucksack for a quiet dawn walk on my own with my camera, hopefully to get some pictures of the blackthorn blossom which is decorating the hedgerows so beautifully at the moment, J x


Just in case anyone wants to know:

The bunny is knitted in Camarose Snefnug yarn (one of my current fluffy favourites) with clothes in Krea Deluxe organic cotton. The lace dress is from my ‘textured dresses pattern‘, the colour-work dress is the one that comes with the lamb pattern, and the basket is from my toy bags pattern.


18 thoughts on “Happy Easter, Pesach, Spring :)

  1. Hallo Frau Julie Williams
    Wie wunder-wunder schön. Sie müssen eine sehr ausgeglichenen Seele haben. Anders kann ich mir die herzlichkeit in Ihren Arbeiten nicht erklären. Alle Ihre Arbeiten sind eins wie das andere herzallerliebst.
    Frohe Ostern wünscht

  2. Sie erinnern mich an Beatrice Potter, die Schöpferin von Peter Hase. Nur das Sie Frau Williams Ihre Sicht der Welt Stricken festhalten und Beatrix Potter im Malen.

  3. Glad the little bunny arrived in time for Easter. What a journey she has had.
    Have a blessed Easter, Julie. Take one day at a time… and all will be well. Life is tough but it is still a beautiful world, as your photos always show.
    Have fun tomorrow on your breakfast walk… and appreciate the great outdoors and in all its splendour.
    Take care xx

  4. Hi Julie,
    For some reason I didn’t receive your previous blog post, so I’m sorry to hear that you have had a rough patch with Toby.
    I have had a difficult time recently with my daughter. I also find that spending time in nature, especially in spring when the
    flowers start blooming, gives me a sense of calm and renewal. Seeing your sweet knitted bunnies and animals also
    fills me with delight! Happy Easter! 🐰🐥

  5. Happy Easter to you and your family.
    Have a wonderful walk enjoying all the wonders nature gives us.
    Thank you for sharing your spectacular photographs and all your beautiful, cuddly animals.

  6. These rabbits are just simply adorable. I am so pleased I have found Little Cotton Rabbits.
    Happy Easter x

  7. Julie, your bunny girls are just delightful. Enjoy the wonders of creation around you in the morning- and your al fresco breakfast. Everything tastes better in the fresh air! Happy Easter. Etta

  8. Your bunnies are beautiful and near perfection in talent! I just love everything you knit. Hopefully I’ll get close to that ability. Have a delightful Easter Sunday.

  9. Julie, your latest creations never fail to surprise me – the colours and styles all different, and so beautifully knitted. It’s inspiring. So too are your words and pictures. Despite your own struggles, your postings are always uplifting. Looking forward to seeing the beauty of your early morning walk.

  10. Happy Easter Julie, hope you have been able to enjoy some Spring weather. Can I ask what the pattern for the wee brown cardigan is? Thanks, Anne

  11. Happy Easter Julie,
    I hope you got the little peaceful moments you were looking forward to. Thanks for sending us the photos of the bunny. And Oh Yes! We always do want to know what the animals and their clothes are made of. It’s the icing on the cake! So thank you for that too.

  12. Hope you had a happy Easter,
    I’ve been obsessed with your knit animal patterns for the last several months and I bought a few of them to start me out with. My first go is of a deer and I can’t wait to share it among the other Ravelry projects that use your designs. Meanwhile, do you have a pattern for the basket that is pictured with this bunny? It’s absolutely adorable. You do a great job. Thanks for the post!

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