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Early April, mostly in pictures


















Sweetchestnut bud




Catkins4 -



























Words have been eluding me a little lately. Toby has been going through a bad patch behaviourally and I'm feeling a little tired and depleted. Happily Spring is now in full swing and the progression of colour throughout the countryside is providing many small delights. Being out with my camera always lifts my spirits and I hope these photos are a pleasure for you to see too. And Kit visiting again is such a joy. She's been here once or twice a week and is no longer pregnant so hopefully there are some healthy growing cubs hidden somewhere safe nearby. You can see in the second picture of her that part of her belly fur has gone, I've been trying to read up on whether it's related to her recently giving birth – maybe kind of a 'brood patch' as the cubs can't temperature regulate for the first 3 weeks of life. If anyone knows the answer please do let me know.

Progress is being made with the horse pattern but it's slow going at the moment as we're now in the Easter break from college so I'm not getting much time to work on it. Hopefully I'll have something ready to show you in a few weeks time.

Hope that you're finding some small delights in your days too, J x


31 thoughts on “Early April, mostly in pictures

  1. Your pictures certainly brightened up my day, as they always do. Seeing those daffodils in abundance makes you want to go out and enjoy the early spring sunshine!
    Hope things will get calm again in your life soon and I wish you and yours a happy and peaceful Easter..

  2. Lovely photos, Julie. Always a pleasure to see them and read your posts. I did look at your pictures of Kit and also noticed a small patch that seems a bit like a wound. I hope it’s not mange as that could be what’s causing the loss of fur and it would not be good news.

  3. Suitably spring like photos Julie, you always find the most lovely places to photograph for us. Wishing you a more peaceful time over the coming days and weeks x

  4. Je suis de tout cœur avec toi. Le printemps est une renaissance…une naissance…une promesse de joie …
    Tes photos sont belles et me donnent du baume au coeur…merci!
    Bises de France

  5. The daffodils have not yet arrived in my corner of the world, so your pictures are a welcome preview of what is to come soon. As always, your photography provides a reminder to slow down and enjoy a brief respite amidst the busyness of the day.

  6. Thank you for such beautiful photos. They remind me that the perpetual winter we are experiencing in the western US will pass. All the best for you and Toby as you work through things together. Thank you for sharing your challenges and your joys!!

  7. Thank you for the lovely photos. Always enjoy looking at them, as they remind me of where I grew up.
    Greetings from hot Florida.

  8. Thank you for your wonderful spring photos. Your photos make my heart sing and I miss England so much. I now live in Phoenix. Desert and its own kind of beauty. The cacti are in bloom along with California poppies, blue lupine and a host of colourful desert plants.
    Wish you a happy and peaceful Easter.

  9. Beautiful photos. Foxes do shed their fur in Spring (April for Red Foxes) so hopefully within the next few weeks the shedding will be over and a healthy new coat. But if i

  10. I’m thankful you have the beauties of nature to ease your heart and bring you joy. Your photos always lift my spirits. Thank you for sharing.

  11. So good to hear from you and see your beautiful and calming photos. I’ve noticed your absence and I was hoping that all was well. I’m hoping things with Toby settle and that life will become peaceful for you again. Much love, Bonnie

  12. Love, love, love all the beautiful daffodils, the green pastures and spring lambs. Glad they lift your spirits and pray they continue to do that! I’m in America, but a little part of me will always be in England. Thank you for sharing the beauty!

  13. A delightful message filled my room with comforthing thoughts. I suddenly dream of preparing my balcony for the coming times. Looking forward to your next message, enjoy your days.

  14. Beautiful photos.
    The rough patch will pass, as it always does, but while you’re all living in it it’s exhausting. Hoping being able to be outdoors will help xxx

  15. Hello Julie.
    Beautiful photos as always. Sorry to hear about Toby; I’m sure it will pass.
    Have you seen Chris Packham’s series on Autism, it’s on the BBC iplayer and worth a watch.
    I also wonder if Kit has the beginnings of mange. Have a look at the Wildlife Aid Foundation page on caring for foxes, where there is advice about mange. She could also just be moulting?
    Try to have a peaceful Easter.
    Love and best wishes. Annie xx

  16. Lovely photos as ever Julie – is there anywhere more beautiful than the UK in Spring? Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else! So sorry you are having a rough patch with Toby at the moment and hope that things calm down soon and you are able to get out and about in the sunshine, fresh air and comforting countryside nearby. Best wishes for a Happy Easter to you and your family. xx

  17. Thank you for the beautiful photos. I’m sorry you are having a tough time and Toby too. I hope it improves soon. We are living in a beautiful but broken world, I think. I hope getting out into nature helps you to find some peace.
    Thinking of you. Have a blessed Easter xx

  18. Such a delight to receive the posts from your blog 💛 Wish Toby is better, and that you and your family may have a nice Easter 🐣
    Hugs from Lisbon 🤗

  19. Nothing like spring daffs and buds opening to lift the spirits. Always a pleasure seeing your pictures and hope Toby is doing ok soon.🥰

  20. I live in Canada and the only signs of spring that I have seen are a few crocuses and my always reliable snowdrops. The daffodils are lovely!

  21. Oh Julie: Your photos always fill me with such hope and delight. Spring just might be on the horizon for us here in the northern part of Southern Ontario as the snow continues to melt in today’s sunshine. Thank you for sharing your moments with us. Know that you are often in our thoughts.

  22. Just love looking at your wonderful photos. Hope you’re feeling stronger today. Life throws things at you but as a mum you bounce back. Knitting is always my happy place and now more enjoyable having your patterns to immerse myself in. Thank you again for sharing your talent. Hope you have a great Easter break and look forward to seeing the horse pattern. Christine from Hertfordshire x

  23. Your pics are always the greatest, you have the talent, Julie….wishing better days ahead for you & Toby…
    Always make me smile…😊
    Happy Easter!🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇

  24. Many thanks, Julie, for the reminder to look for and appreciate small delights in my days. I needed that. Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter.

  25. I very much miss the European Spring, ever since moving to Canada more than 30 years ago. I enjoy your lovely photos, such colours and signs of new life. How good that you have these outings and visuals to recharge your energy, especially during the times where things are hard with your son. I don’t think you have to worry about Mrs Fox, they loose their Winter coat in the Spring and they look a little scraggly and thin afterwards, that is completely normal. I’m looking forward to your new pattern, sending positive energy and love your way ❤

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