Little Cotton Rabbit Links

Hello and thanks for visiting. Here are some links to my patterns, tutorials, freebies, writings and so on:

Thanks for dropping by x

 You can find the entire range of my patterns, including all free patterns, over on Ravelry 
(I’m also signed up to the Ravelry Local Yarn shop program)
There are some patterns available on Etsy and on Lovecrafts
There are also some on my blog: Blog pattern shop
Some patterns are available in kit form (printed pattern plus yarn) at Lucylocketland

Please note that these are the only official and valid ON-LINE locations that you can purchase or download my patterns from. If you find my patterns available for download anywhere else please be advised that they will be pirated copies, taken without permission and supplied to you illegally, most likely with a side order of malware/ransomware. Please be careful out there and don’t fall victim to any other websites offering my patterns for free or in exchange for ‘tokens’.
   If you are interested in my design process etc:  
  My blog is where I write about my projects, pattern plans and general day to day musings and there are also links to my tutorials and free patterns. I also write about some aspects of life with a severely autistic son.
  If you are interested in my finished items:
 I sell a very limited number each year in 2 locations, these are the only places that you will find my work for sale.

In my second Etsy shop   I list a collection of items at a set time, those joining my mailing list are notified in advance when this will be. These are listed on a first-come-first-served basis and often sell out quite quickly.
In my blog shop   I use a random number generator to pick a recipient in order to give everyone an equal chance whether they are in different time zones, have a slow internet connection or have issues that might mean they cannot use a keyboard quickly.
 If you’d like to join a sociable group:  
Pop in and share your makes, tips and connect with others who use my patterns
Ravelry    little cotton rabbits group for makers
Facebook   little cotton rabbits group for makers

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