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All is quiet


Peaceful afternoon












Frozen web


January is often a quiet month for me and I'm grateful to be able to be able to slow right down and take everything as calmly as possible as I make my plans for the year. Especially so this year, because for a little while now I have been been feeling rather down and becoming at times overwhelmed with anxiety, so as a way of trying to cope with that I've decided to start a 5 year journal and record all of the positive and beautiful things to remember from each passing day. I think that I am very lucky because it is so often the smallest of things that do lift my mood and bring me joy, and once you start to actively look for these moments you find there are actually quite a few in every day. But such moments can often get forgotten and overshadowed by everyday life, so recording them is a good way to bring them to mind when I need to feel brighter.

So far I've jotted about red kites soaring over the house, goldfinches and robins in the garden, Toby's laughter, Amy's smile, H's hugs, the taste of a good cake, the delicious feeling of sitting in bed and knitting away a weekend morning, the quiet calm of a gently flickering candle, the glory of sunrises, the delicacy of frost, the gentle balm of music *, and the delight in deciding to finally use a much loved skein of yarn from my stash – this one has been treasured for almost 10 years and is irreplaceable as Asti of Juno fibre arts is no longer creating her beautiful yarns, so I'm enjoying some very careful pondering of what project to cast on.

But above all else there is has been one totally unexpected, unbelievable and utterly delightful moment – the return of Kit the fox!!

It has been over a year since she was last here and I had written here on the blog that she might have died – I secretly feared she had been run over on the main road as there have been a few fox corpses at the roadside in the intervening months. But no, we were joyfully so very wrong because on Jan 13th she sauntered nonchalantly into the garden, as though she had just been here a day ago, sat down by the garden table and looked expectantly at me through the kitchen door. I have never had a jaw-dropping moment before, but I did then. A snack of Toby's cocktail sausages was swiftly found and as I approached her to put them down, still slightly disbelieving that it really was her, she stood up and approached me, confirming without any doubt that it was. You can see from the pictures below that she's a little more scarred about the muzzle than when she was last here but otherwise is looking well nourished and cosy in her thick growth winter coat. I suspect that she is pregnant and has come back because it's been especially cold recently and she's has difficulty finding enough food. She's arrived every evening since, just after darkness has fallen and I am so utterly overjoyed to see her again, and she's featuring heavily in my new journal of happy things 🙂

I hope she sticks around for a while longer and I'll be sure to bring you further news of her if she does stay around. If you are interested you can see the story of how we became friends and see my previous blog posts of her visits over the last four years here.


Kit returns

Kit returns2



The 5 year journal was purchased from Mål Paper with some of my Christmas money, (thanks M & D xxx)

* my music of choice at the moment is  'Found' by Martin Gauffin which is playing in the background at the moment and I find especially uplifting


45 thoughts on “All is quiet

  1. Kit being back is probably the happiest news I’ve had so far this year! I’m so very glad she’s back and I hope she stays safe and happy ❤

  2. How wonderful to have Kit’s nightly visits to look forward to! I’m so glad she wasn’t one of the poor foxes that had been hit by a car. Looking forward to lots of Kit updates.

  3. Kit clearly knows she’s safe with you and has a friend. I’m so happy she’s returned and hope that she stays for a season. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling anxious. I think January is a hard month and I’m happy to hear that you have so many things to bring you comfort. Enjoy your knitting time while it’s cold out. I also hope you’re able to get out and enjoy your wood walks. Sending love to you.
    XXX Bonnie

  4. How lovely to actively focus on cheerful and uplifting moments to help through the not so delightful parts of life, like anxiety and overwhelm. I hope your newfound practice serves you well and that those days become fewer and further between.
    It is wonderful to hear of Kit’s return. Obviously, she trusts you and I imagine the thrill that you felt upon seeing her hale and hearty was equally met with the offering of cocktail sausages. I’m so happy for you and Kit that you have been able to once again share your evenings together.
    Take good care!

  5. What joy that Kit has returned. I felt so sad for you. We lost our feral cat in the past year. One day he just stopped being in our backyard. Crushing. 😦 I’m so happy that Kit returned for a visit so you could see that she is well. 🙂

  6. You so inspire me!
    I’m not usually a “commenter” (that’s not really a word is it?)
    I love looking at your stunning photograph’s – so different from Australia. Your love for nature and the small, simple things in everyday life give me a warm glow.
    The idea of a journal filled with positive and beautiful things is a brilliant idea which I might have to copy 🙂
    I hope Kit stays safe and well and returns to show you her kits.

  7. I appreciate your openness about your life, you write so well, something I cannot do. I love seeing all the beautiful photos you post, they make me homesick. Fox Kit is amazing, beautiful fur. Thanks so much for the updates. I feel a special connection to you since I also have a handicapped child.

  8. Oh, Julie, I am so happy for you that Kit is back! What an absolute pleasure. Enjoy pampering her through her pregnancy, as I know you will. I look forward to the pictures and stories you share with us! Thank you.

  9. So many wonderful things about you. From all your knitted rabbits and crew, to your beautiful pictures, you are blessed with many talents. Even your handwriting is artistic! Your blog is always interesting and well written. I think we all have moments with feelings of anxiousness. Social media can cause some anxious feelings at times,too. Kit has returned to help you. I know the good Lord knows what we need. Times are unsettled. But hopefully, it will settle down for this new year.Wishing you well.

  10. What a compliment to you. Clearly Kit trusts you enough to approach you for food in that way. I am hesitant about feeding the wild birds here (there are varying views on whether we should) but a fox? Perhaps.

  11. I was so sad when you wrote that you thought Kit had died and now rejoyce with you at her return. She does look older and obviously sees your home as a safe place. How wonderful!

  12. What a great way to start the year with Kit back! She really has a friend in you, hope it lifts your spirits. Like the 5 year journal idea.

  13. Beautiful post, Julie. So wonderful Kit is back. That is a real gift to you… not many people will have the joy of ever getting to know a fox. As others have said: she clearly trusts you and your gentle spirit.
    Our family has been limited in what we can do for many years too due to ill health, but we find so much joy in the little things that it makes up for it. We notice so much more than others who are less confined but who rush around all day.
    Keep on doing what you are doing and your mood will lift. January and February in the UK can be a challenge but spring is on the way and the bulbs are starting to show.
    Love your knitting and photos and everything.
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Wonderful to hear your news and the positives you are focusing on. I am an avid knitter of your amazing patterns and constantly tell my husband how clever you are. I have been completing your patterns for many years and this is the first time I have contacted you. Keep challenging yourself. You are amazing.

  15. So pleased Kit is back and has lifted your spirits. Please remember all the spirits you have lifted with your knitting and blog. You are a special person, so be kind to yourself.

  16. Oh Hello Kit!! So happy to see you again, and looking well. =)
    What lovely, peaceful pictures. Glad you are finding some happiness in the solitude!

  17. What a lovely return. I love to hear your stories!
    I also try to think about the good things hat happen in my life, but sometimes they are overwhelmed by the rush of everyday life. I’ll try to write them, too !
    In he giveaway was it me the number 1248? I had to ask here as I do not know othrwise

  18. Yet more stunning photos Julie, thank you for those and your interesting words – hope you find the calm you seek and that your journal helps with your present anxiety. As others have said, January and February can be trying months of the year with the shorter days but it’s now light at 5pm, the days are getting longer and Spring is hopefully just around the corner. So pleased that Kit has found you again – she obviously recognizes a kind soul! Would love to hear what you decide to make from your treasured skein!

  19. Oh Julie! I am absolutely so overjoyed and thrilled that Kit has returned. That is something that only happens in very happy-ending stories. Her return is perfect. Also I wanted to share with you, that I have been experiencing anxiety and a bit of depression this past year. It’s the first time that I have ever been plagued with these thoughts and sensations. I, too, started journaling activities, daily meditation and exercise. They are all really helping. But . . . a little visiting, wild fox is just amazing. I wish you the best in your journey through these emotions, and I can’t wait to read and see your updates about Kit and her new little ones. I know I tell you this almost every time I post, but thank you, thank you for sharing your patterns and spreading joy through them and your blog posts. Remember also to include in your journal those contributions that you are making to people who you don’t even know. Each ripple has an affect on someone else. All my love — Heidi

  20. Had an early morning encounter with a beautiful fox this morning and it reminded me to check your blog and wow – so thrilled for you. I hope your sadness eases. Sounds like you are doing all the right things. Know that many many people who have never met you, love your writing and your work and hold you in their thoughts. Xx

  21. I’m so happy for the fox!! Thankyou for your lovely words: joy is really in the little things we just need to play attention

  22. Your blog is so uplifting Julie and so are all the lovely comments from your readers. This blog and the pictures in particular have brightened up a long grey January. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. You really help me appreciate the simple things in life. Lucky Kit to have found you as a friend too! Thank you for everything and lots of love. xxx

  23. As I clicked on your blog link, I wondered about that sweet fox. I was so excited to see she has returned! It was fun to scroll through this post and see pictures of that sweet fox face:) Enjoy your quiet January.

  24. your fox being back makes me so happy. it was so, so sad when you thought she had died. i kept on thinking about her. give her an extra treat from me. wish i could send something.

  25. How lovely that your beautiful fox is back! That’s a very special thing.
    I like your idea of keeping track of the happy things – a store against times when happy things don’t come as readily to mind. For a while, I kept an old journal in my porch where I would sit in the evening. Every so often, I would grab it and tell myself “Three things. Right now.” and write down things I was grateful for that moment. It was a good practice. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll have to start doing that again.

  26. Dear Julie,
    Amazing photos as always! and so pleased to see Kit back again.
    What a lovely idea to keep a diary.
    Take each day as it comes.
    loves xxx

  27. How wonderful to see Kit again! Such a great privilege for you to have her seek you out. We don’t have any foxes where I live, so I find her fascinating. I hope that her return helps to lift your spirits.

  28. Sorry you’ve been experiencing anxiety, I hope it lifts very soon. How completely wonderful that Kit is back. She is so gorgeous. We have foxes locally, but they are very shy. My dad had a fox that used to visit right outside of his patio door who was beautiful. I shall look forward to hopefully seeing more of Kit. CJ xx

  29. How wonderful that your lovely friend Kit is back. She is a real beauty.
    I hope you find lots of positive things to record in your journal that will bring you joy and happiness when you need them most. Take care x

  30. It just completely made my week when I saw that Kit is back. That is the best surprise!!!! I am so glad she is ok and visiting you again. Love your blog as always….it is wonderful!

  31. How dear is having the trust of wildlife, however brief? For me, it’s an internal reaction like no other. How timely is this connection to boost your spirit! Your photography is magnetic, Julie. Kit would be lovely on the front of note cards, like most of your images. Laughing, as if you need another project. I’ve purchased and started a little mouse. Thank you for sharing your life and designs.

  32. Hurrah, Kit’s back!❤️ I have tears of joy! These dreary days of winter can be so depressing, along with what’s happening in the world… Scary times. Great idea to keep a happy journal… your list is beautiful! Lots of love to you. ❤️

  33. So sorry you have been feeling overwhelmed… is lovely that Kit has returned to lift your spirits…animals have a way of making everything right.

  34. Kit being back makes me so happy too…. You bring us all such happiness , I wish you the same…your pics always fill me with joy!
    Happy spring coming…& thank you for giving me happiness! 💖☔️

  35. Ur blog, ur patters, ur photography, and ur open sharing—are my happy place!!! I always feel as though I am unwrapping a precious and exciting gift when u have posted, and I thank u for r all that u offer to ur readers!! I celebrate Kit’s return, the beauty of the snowdrops, ur beautiful landscape photos, and ur new knitting projects. All of it is joyful, and are much-welcomed signs of spring/renewal!!! Thank u!!

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