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New small mice and bears patterns




Small sweaters


Small bears


Small mice



Hello and wow! I am completely humbled by the response to the first giveaway of my anniversary year. Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments and outpouring of kindness on the previous post. I admit that I've not yet managed to read all of the comments and hope to do so by the end of this week, though with 2,179 of them I hope you can understand why I'll not be replying.

Yesterday evening I used the random number generator to pick the winning numbers and these are now posted on the previous post. I've emailed each of the winners and will be sending over the first of the pattern prizes shortly.

My three newest patterns are all ready so I've just uploaded them to Ravelry and Etsy.

There is a small (7 inch) bear/panda, a small (7 inch) mouse and some small sweaters with panel designs on the front. Both the bear/ panda and the mouse come with a variety of outfits including dresses, sweaters and shorts and the existing extra patterns for the small size animals (dresses, sweaters and removable shoes) will fit them too.

I really hope that everyone has fun with these new patterns and as always I'm so excited to see what everyone makes. If you do give any of them a go it would be lovely to see your project uploaded to either the Ravelry or Facebook groups.

Thanks again for all the wonderfully kind comments. I look forward to sharing more give-aways with you as the year progresses and am off now to finish a couple of wintery themed regular-sized mice ready for my next giveaway, hopefully sometime in February if all goes to plan,

J x

21 thoughts on “New small mice and bears patterns

  1. Is it wrong that I want all of the sweaters in my size!? They’re adorable!
    Many congratulations on your anniversary! It’s testament to the timeless appeal of your little animals and the absolute quality of your patterns. Wishing you many more years of happy knitting.

  2. Thanks Julie, just finished printing them, now getting my needles and wool out. Can’t wait 🙂 Here’s to the next 10/20 years 🥰

  3. Hello J, I love your new patterns, as always.
    You say that you have emailed each of the winners, but I have not received your email. So I let this comment so you will have my email adress too. I am Beatrice (1892).
    Thank you very much for this marvellous present in this new year.

  4. Small mice and small bears are adorable. I’m not surprised you had so many comments, you are very well loved here in blogland! CJ xx

  5. The friend I buy these for has asked me to tell you that she is so, so pleased you have made more small animals. I am to say “thank you” from her. (As I said earlier she makes them to give to children in need of an instant cuddle toy in emergency situations and they seem to be just the right sort of size.)

  6. I started the ballerina elephant many years ago but never got round to finishing her. I’m hoping to pick it up again this year but I’m a very slow knitter so can’t guarantee anything! I love them all Julie, I hope to make more in the future they’re absolutely adorable 🥰

  7. My son and his wife have just started fostering and have two little sisters staying with them indefinitely. I am obsessed with making your little animals and have always got a basket full. When he brings them to visit, they are allowed to pick one each from the basket. It’s lovely to see them trying to make up their minds. My granddaughters are grown up now so it’s lovely to have even more reasons to keep making them. I can’t wait to make the new little patterns

  8. These are lovely new additions to your wonderful patterns. I have recently bought my first pattern from you and will enjoy making a knitted rabbit very soon.

  9. Dear Julie.
    I came across your blog yesterday by chance. Apart from knitting i love to see the photos of your surroundings. I read your new blog entry which i have had received via email. I really want to more about fox. I wish i can knit bunny. I only know simple crochet. Lots of

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