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Happy New Year



Some of my memorable moments from 2022.


Just popping in very briefly to wish you all the very best for 2023, I hope that it's a good year for you and yours.

It's a big anniversary year here at Little Cotton Rabbits, ten years since I published the rabbit patterns and twenty (!!) years since I made the very first Little Cotton Rabbit for my three year old daughter. To celebrate these anniversaries I'm planning a series of giveaways across the year. I'll pop back later this week with the first of them 🙂

Until then, warmest best wishes to you, J x


66 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Julie, many thanks and blessings to you for sharing your lovely patterns with all of us eager knitters, but also your bravery in what life has handed you and your family; may you enjoy peace and serenity in each day!

  2. I live in Australia and love your photos of the cold when we are having exactly the opposite weather. I have made many of your designs over the years and look forward to new patterns. Thank you for spreading joy in the world.

  3. Happy New Year!
    Personally I am looking forward to Spring. I live in Alaska where winter is long and cold. Days are short, and although that affords more knitting time I long for longer daylight hours and warmer temps.
    This was my first year knitting Little Cotton Rabbit Patterns. I made the fox and the dog patterns for my grand girls. I made extra clothes for each of them and their each own personalized little quilts for bedtime.
    I’m working on the cat pattern currently. They are such fun patterns and I always marvel at the creators of such works. The time and creative effort of each lovely little creature that comes to life under the knit needles each with their own distinctive personality.
    Thank you for sharing those creations with all of us. I love seeing all the different ideas that everyone comes up with.

  4. Thank you for creating such adorable patterns. Knitting the LCR patterns is my happy space after busy working days and the smiles I receive when gifting them is always memorable.

  5. Happy New Year to all May it be a kind and gentle year. I knit your rabbit and bear and elephant patterns before there were grandchildren, hoping.
    Last night my two year old grandson “discovered” the bear to his and my delight. Thanks for bringing such pleasure to both of us!

  6. Happy anniversary and Happy new year! I’ve been following you for a while now and just recently bought one of you patterns. Let’s see how I do with that. Love the blog and the little critters!!

  7. Happy New Year!! Thank you for creating such fun and wonderfully written patterns. I’m late to the party. My first Bunny was last Christmas. I’ve made many more since.
    Looking forward to seeing your new patterns!!

  8. I have been tempted for ages into venturing trying your patterns but have been nervous about doing it. However, I have now decided that 2023 will be my year to do it. I have ordered my needles, and yarn…. that in itself is a commitment. So here goes I’m so excited to do it this year

  9. Happy new year! I’ve only just discovered your patterns and love them. I’ve just started the reindeer and can’t wait to see how it will turn out. Here’s to a happy and exciting 2023. Happy knitting everyone xxx

  10. I absolutely adore all of your patterns! They are just beautiful and I love them so much 🙂 Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  11. Hi Julie
    Just adore your patterns for the beautiful animals. So enjoy seeing all of your gorgeous work.
    X Aileen

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