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seasons greetings xxx


In progress2b


Snowy track2




Snowy track


Toby snow2


Snowy woods 3


Snowy woods


Snowy tree2


Snowy tree


Snowy woods2


Toby snow




Snow crystals


Gate to the field


Snowy landscape


Snowy land 2


Although it's now melted away, the snow stayed for exactly a week – far longer than I can remember in previous years when it has started to melt within a day or two. Out in the woods it was magical, laying thickly underfoot and on the branches, bestowing a very Narnia-esque beauty to the trees. Toby adored stomping across the fields, squealing and laughing and running through the snow with obvious delight. I was so happy to be able to drive on the main roads (as the back roads were impassable) and to be able to park locally, because to have shared these snowy walks with him was joyful and they'll stay in my memory for a long time.

Back at home I'm in the final knit through of my new patterns (mice and bears ands cabled sweaters, all in the small sizes) so those will all be released in January. I'll keep you posted with further details as soon as they are ready. I'm just about to tidy all these bits and pieces away into the cupboard now, as I'm planning to have some gentle and quiet relaxation time over the Christmas weekend and not tax my brain too much. Not that I'm feeling very relaxed right now. How is it that the hours seem to run faster at this time of year? At the start of December I usually feel quite organised but by the middle of the month panic has started to settle in. Please tell me I'm not the only one who has written things I've already done on a to-do list just so that I can tick something off. Still, I know it will all get done and, if it doesn't, that my family will understand and forgive me. I hope you're doing well with any preparations you are making for festivities.

I'm going to have a few internet free days for this Christmas weekend, which will be a nice novelty, so I'm signing off for now but will be back to answering messages and emails from Tuesday.

I wish you all the very best for the holiday season and hope that you find a little peace and joy over the coming days, with love and many thanks for visiting me here, J xx



14 thoughts on “seasons greetings xxx

  1. Beautiful photos as usual. Don’t worry Julie I am Queen of the to do list and add lots of things I’ve already done to make me appear more productive! Look forward to the new patterns and have a well earned rest. xx

  2. Wonderful photos as always!!!
    So pleased to hear that Toby enjoyed the snow.
    Have a EONDERFUL Christmas and all the very best wishes for 2023.

  3. It is really good to hear that you were able to share some magical time with Toby in the snowy woods.
    I agree time runs faster in December. I make to do lists just so I can tick things off and feel I am winning.
    A rest is a must for your well being. Have a nice break.

  4. You have made me laugh, and yes, I can relate to writing things on a to-do list that have been done so that I can tick them off. Your photos are lovely, you had lots more snow than here in the west country and I love that Toby enjoyed it so much. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas Day. CJ xx

  5. Beautiful photos. I might, from time to time, write something on my list that I know will absolutely get done (go to an appointment, for example), for the satisfaction of knowing I did something, afterall. Merry Christmas. 🙂 I am looking forward to some analog time this coming week, myself.

  6. Season’s Greetings to you and a Happy New Year.I have enjoyed the lovely pics and blog this year.Your new designs will be exciting and I wish you much success. Cheers from the warmth of Oz. Kath

  7. Happy New Year.
    So kind of you to share such beautiful photos with us. I love a list! Like you I add things I have already done to them. My daughter has bought me a new diary with special pages for lists. Iam knitting your lovely Mole pattern at the moment. Such fun to knit.
    Best wishes

  8. Lovely post, Julie – and I only just caught up with it. What a gift it was, to have that beautiful snow before Christmas. I do wish it had come a bit later.
    I see that Toby is now a bit beardy! I think about you and him often, though we’ve never met. My own son (severely autistic) is now just 12 and I look ahead to his hormonal years with trepidation. I’m glad there are still moments like this.

  9. Happy New Year Julie.
    Gosh the years have flown by.
    I enjoy reading your blog and looking at the beautiful photo’s. I’ve enjoyed Knitting these beautiful animals over the years for my younger grandchildren. I’ve picked up my Knitting needles again as my older grandchildren have asked for these beautiful animals for their children and friends children.
    Best wishes to you and your family for 2023

  10. I was so delighted to receive an email from you again, Julie. I was on your original email list. I’m looking forward to reading your news again, so very quickly signed up to your current email list.
    Thanks for sharing the details about autism and your journey with Toby. It’s a wonderful way for people to learn about autism in a well-informed post for those of us who have never had autistic children. Awareness of autism will help make life easier for parents who need to get through their weekly shopping without the child being stared at.
    I hope to soon be inspired to knit up some of your patterns. Wishing you and your family a blessed, peaceful and enriched year for 2023.
    Greetings from Perth, Australia!

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