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The much longed for rain has at last come, and it’s come, and come. It’s been wonderful to feel it on my skin and to smell that unique scent that the arid land gives up after rain – isn’t it brilliant that there’s even a special word for it – petrichor.  The land has soaked it up and quenched the parched plants and trees, and green has returned to the countryside all around us here, it is beautiful.

I ran out of steam a little in August, hence the lack of posts here. Caring for Toby 24/7 is intensive and full on and therefore not much else gets done. He returned to college last monday and so I spent last week tidying the house, sorting laundry, and tackling all of the householdy things that were neglected during August. I’m now ‘back at work’ and have a large email backlog to work through – I’m so sorry if you’re waiting on a reply from me, hopefully you’ll receive one this week. Once I’ve tidied my inbox I’ll be starting pattern writing again. Lots of knitting was done on the cooler summer days but it was haphazard, and I have little knitted body parts and scribbled notes scattered throughout the house. I finished a shawl and was also seized by the desire to start knitting mittens. This always seems to happen to me during the hottest months of the year, I suppose it’s a form of planning for cooler times. However, I seem to have started 4 pairs! It seems that in all aspects of life I’m in great need of some serious organising.

Anyway, here are some snippets from my summer…

  • Hulling and chopping strawberries and discovering perfect little hearts inside,
  • The pictures along the river Beane are where I ate my birthday breakfast croissant and coffee, having taken myself off for a peaceful, reflective walk at 7am and where I saw dragonflies, a flock of geese and the colourful darting of a kingfisher – a real birthday treat before the hustle and bustle of the day.
  • Finishing a shawl, knitted from the ‘Hollows‘ pattern by Melody Hoffman
  • The mittens I’m working on are mostly from the ‘Antiquity‘ pattern by Alicia Plummer and the mustardy coloured pair are knitted in ‘dyeing light’  RamJam from Daughter of a Shepherd beautifully hand-dyed by Woollenflower. The yarn is rustic and on the outside edge of what I’m able to tolerate next to my skin but the colours are so very lovely that I just don’t care. I admit to being just a little obsessed with this yarn at the moment 🙂

I’m so looking forward to Autumn this year, and to all of its delights: cooler temperatures; damp woodlands; fungi forays; cosy clothes; blankets on the bed;  lighting the fire; casseroles and hot puddings and lots of knitting. And I am definitely looking forward to getting organised, hope to see you again soon, J x

15 thoughts on “snippets of summer

  1. Thank you for another inspiring and calming post Julie. Those mittens are just gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing what your creative hands produce next. xxx

  2. Always so excited when I see a post from you. You have a way of making me feel I’m not alone in the world with my problems and troubles. Plus I love your photos. Kindest regards.

  3. A lovely end of summer post, and I’m wishing you a belated happy birthday. How wonderful to have seen a kingfisher as well, they are always a treat. The shawl is absolutely gorgeous, I have saved the Ravelry page in my favourites. I’m hoping for an organised autumn as well. CJ xx

  4. What a beautiful shawl and those mittens!!! So lovely. I hope Toby is settling back in and I’m happy you will have some time for yourself, not only for knitting and work but to ramble and enjoy the fall season. I can’t wait to see what creative genius you come up with next.

  5. Strawberries and hearts! Rain and green, just lovely. So looking foreward to rain here, only smoke from fires at the moment. Your mittens are inspiring me get on with it! Thank you for a restful post. Be well.

  6. Ah, Julie, your posts always inspire us to do better, be better and pause to enjoy the beauties of the outdoor world ….and the magic contained in yarn – always yarn 🙂

  7. Lovely colours for your mittens and they will be so cosy to wear.
    Raindrops gathered on cobwebs and beautiful rainbows-Autumn is nearly here and I am looking forward to it too.

  8. Such beautiful photos and knitting. I am too looking forward to cooler temperatures and cozy clothes and fall colors. I am giggling to myself as I have been knitting an afghan – using a slip stitch pattern. Started it on some of the warmest days. Now its half done and thank goodness cooler temps. It is the perfect weight and the squishiest wool! It is so good to hear how you are. Until next time. Happy knitting. XX Lois

  9. Happy Birthday! Not sure if it fell in August or September. I am a September birthday myself. I love the idea of taking myself off with a croissant and coffee to a quiet outdoor space for a birthday morning treat. I will have to remember that for next year. Butter croissant with orange marmalade is my favorite. Always love the pictures of your knitting and the countryside. I wish I was more in the countryside where I am. Suburbs. I love that mitten pattern! You are such a talented lady. Take care.

  10. Julie, you take such beautiful pictures and your knitting is always perfection. I enjoy seeing pictures of Toby and your other family members and all the animals as well. How about some of YOU? A belated “Happy Birthday” to you from (still) sunny and hot northern California. ♥ ♥ ♥

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