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Fungi in the woods part 2, and some small bears








Toadstool beauty2


Ufo fungi


Ball fungi


Toadstool trunk




Soft brown fungi




Coral fungus




Fairy land


Spiky puffballs (2)


Puffballs (2)


Brown cap






Golden light




Leaves underffot


Autumn is in full swing here and the leaves are now falling thick and fast, covering the woodland paths and the verges of the back roads with a carpet of golds, oranges and reds. It has been a fairly mild and damp autumn so far, and many of the toadstools have lasted well. I’ve seen such a huge variety of them this year and these are just some of the more photogenic ones. I do so love this season, it’s a magical time for walking out in the woods and with so much to see I’ve stayed until I’m tired and chilled, so coming back home into the warm to snuggle with my knitting has been especially welcome.

Pattern writing for the small bears, small mice and small sweaters is progressing and with all of the samples now made and I’m at the stage of taking the step by step photos. Then it will be photo editing, laying out the pages and finally checking everything through. It’s a long old process but I’m getting there slowly. I’ll keep you posted with news once they’re ready.

Well, that’s all of my news for this time, see you again soon x

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