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And Winter has arrived



Frosty seedheads


Frosty fields2


Path frosty




Frosty oak3


Toby winterwalk2




Frosty fields


Barbed wire2


Frosted lake




Frosted lake2


Frosty stems


Frosty seedheads2


Toby wwalk


Frosty leaves


Frosty view


Spiky seedheads


Spindle berries




Snow day


Snow day2








Winter is decidedly here. We’ve had a few days of sub-zero temperatures and the early morning frosts have been beautifully sharp and sparkly. Yesterday Toby and I bundled up and went for a long walk at Panshanger. The ice crystals adorning every blade of grass, twig and seedhead made for a very beautiful landscape and even the barbed wire fences were prettified by the decoration of frost.

And then this morning we’ve woken to around 15cms of snow!

I’m glad to have lots of cosy woolly jumpers, scarves and mittens and will be wearing my wrist-warmers constantly now until the weather warms. It looks like the rest of this week is continuing to be freezing, so there will be a little more knitting by the fire going on here. I’m now in the final stages of laying out the three new patterns and am lucky to have some lovely people helping me to error check them. Though it will still be a few weeks before they’ve been thoroughly checked, so I’m aiming to be able to share them in the new year.

Hope you have a good week doing a little of what you love, J x


One thought on “And Winter has arrived

  1. So nice to see Toby enjoying Mother Natures handiwork. Such beautiful photos. I am sure you both cherish what nature has to offer I. Such a beautiful place.

    I am looking forward to seeing your new patterns.
    Take care and thanks so much for sharing your part of the world.
    Enjoy the festive season.
    Barbara Laberge

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